Visually stunning Designs that function

Looking for a beautifully crafted User Interface for mobile, web or an application? Tasty Coders a Website Design Company create’s functional works of art that are aesthetically pleasing and effortless user experiences.

UI with User Experiences in Mind

We understand that pretty doesnt mean functional

We are a premiere Website Design Company  focused onUser Interface Design captivates the user immediately upon arrival on your website or when they open your new Tasty App or Application. At Tasty Coders, we pride ourselves on a clear vision of a Brands promise and guidelines. We take those guides and construct visually appealing products to position your Brand and prepare it for battle with your competitors. 

The Process 101

Journey Discovery – We look at the user’s journey throughout the giving project and interaction with any prospective product.

Prototyping – We create simple yet thought-provoking wireframes and cost-effective working prototypes.

Brand Identification – Existing Brands or a fully new Brand concept. Create design system that solidifies a brands image, interfaces, style guides, color hues, gradients, and typography.

User Interface Development – Lastest technologies Html/CSS3 and Javascript. Clean rock solid descriptive code.

Tasty Collaboration means each and every decision we make is guided by your vision of a final product.

Once a user loves the look keep them engaged with a great user experience.

When gaging User Experiences many would say it’s a scientific approach to human behavior and yes, we do look at it that way. However, to get a full grasp of how a user interacts with your new product we do comprehensive user testing. Many times, it can be something simple that causes user frustration and then other times it can be much more.

Stay with us beyond our initial engagement. 

We can rework designs overtime as business objectives change. A/B testing gives us an opportunity to get a full breath of all user hang-ups that cause them to leave a specific page before fully engaging its content.  With that, we bring forth amazing results and drop bounce rates in half giving your company or business a greater opportunity to make the case that your products and services are the superior choices. SEO and More 

Choose an Austin Website Design Agency

Our UI/UX Designers with a combined 23yrs in the field use not only a wide range of knowledge and craftsmanship we continue to learn and stay current on all the newest design trends and human to computer interaction techniques and discoveries. Tasty Coders is THE Austin Web Development Company!

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Looking for the BEST Austin SEO Company? We would love for you to get in touch with us about your new project, we would love to hear your ideas, and together we can bring your vision to life. We handcraft beautiful experiences that drive users to interact and experience your brand the way you want them to.


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