Snapchat launches new features including Paperclips for links within Snaps

Written By:Jason Brashear

July 10, 2017

Now, marketers and any content creators can add links to their Snaps.

Snapchat is taking a step that Instagram simply hasn’t, with new features on both its iOS and Android app that include allowing marketers and any content creators to add links to their Snaps.

The most notable announced feature is Paperclips, allowing users to attach websites to Snaps, simply by tapping the Paperclip button within the Vertical Toolkit and adding the URL. Users viewing the Snap can then swipe up to open the website in Snapchat’s built-in browser.

Until now, this feature was limited to paying advertisers; now, it’s open to the entire user base. Benefits include adding more commentary to a Snap or background information or simply letting the viewer know where they can learn more.

Of course, to avoid abuse of community guidelines, Snap has a number of safety tools and provides information about potential harm some links may do to a user’s system. Objectionable links can also be reported by viewers.

Other features announced include some funky new options, including backdrops which help Snaps stand out against an artistic background and voice filters to make your voice stand out.

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