Facebook Pixel Is About To Get A Bit Smarter

Written By:Jason Brashear

June 26, 2017

Your Facebook pixel will now be sending some more data in order to improve your ads delivery and reporting, 

If you visited a Facebook Ads account recently, you will have noticed an alert about your Facebook pixel, saying that it will soon be sending “additional event data,” in order to improve ads delivery and reporting. Specifically, the notification says:

Enhancements to the Facebook pixel: To improve ads delivery and reporting, the Facebook pixel will start sending additional event data, including button clicks and related page metadata. These changes will take effect May 20.

The move comes almost two months after Facebook retired its old tracking code in favor of the Facebook Pixel that is active today, and will go into effect on May 20 for Facebook pixels created before April 20. For any Facebook pixels created after that date, the change will come into effect immediately. But what does it really mean?

Well, for one, Facebook is enhancing its pixel to make its ads delivery more relevant to audiences. This also affects the usefulness of ads, with “more contextual information from [websites], as Facebook will be able to better understand and categorize the actions that people take on [websites] to optimize for ads delivery.”

The information includes actions like “add to cart” or “purchase” clicks, as well as data about your page’s structure. This will, of course, help Facebook contextualize those actions, possibly even allowing it for foresee actions based on available page data.

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