The Facebook ad campaign that won’t let leads forget you

Key Takeaways Retargeting, or remarketing, is how businesses follow you around the internet with advertisements. Using Facebook pixel and the right Facebook Messenger ad, you can capture the leads you might have otherwise missed due to distraction. Do you ever worry...

7 tips for improving your website engagement by measuring your branded social media presence.

How do I measure social media engagement? It's almost hard to imagine a time without updates, likes, and shares. Many companies doubt social media because it seems unquantifiable despite this, it's still a powerful tool. The power of social media is that it has the...

Top 8 tips to improve local SEO

While Search Engine Optimization tactics have been around for more than a decade, some businesses continue to make missteps in the area. Especially when it comes to a local SEO strategy. Here are eight tips to strengthen the approach. Here are the Top 8 tips to...

8 steps and strategies for setting Google My Business for Local Leads

In this day and age, it is essential to be visible on the internet and especially for the local market when considering your business is providing local services and goods. So how can you wade through all the background noise of Google and become relevant for local...
Make your business stand out on Google

Make your business stand out on Google

Google Business has a new feature that helps you catch customers' attention. Post special events, promotions and more on your Google listing. This is a huge step in your local business listing that will leverage the new Call To Action with you posts to Google...

Facebook Pixel Is About To Get A Bit Smarter

Facebook Pixel Is About To Get A Bit Smarter

Your Facebook pixel will now be sending some more data in order to improve your ads delivery and reporting,  If you visited a Facebook Ads account recently, you will have noticed an alert about your Facebook pixel, saying that it will soon be sending “additional...

Top 10 Frequently Used CSS Tricks and Fixes

Top 10 Frequently Used CSS Tricks and Fixes

Introduction It’s no secret, we all love Divi, and the way it’s transformed our web development work flow. There are, unfortunately, still some annoyances that come with using Divi. As such, there are quite a few tweaks that we tend to use on most of our Divi...

PHP vs. Java

PHP vs. Java

PHP or Java—which language is right for your software project? PHP is one of the most mature, ubiquitous server-side scripts on the web. Java is a general purpose, compiled programming language designed with one mantra in mind—”write once, run anywhere.” Both...

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