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Why Good UX Design Means Better Business

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How Many Links Does It Take To See SEO Result

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PHP vs. Java

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Why Investing in SEO Makes Good Business Sense

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Site Traffic Low

Free eBook on How to Increase Website Traffic sign up NOW Get a FREE eBook on how to increase your website traffic (For FREE)What do you have to loose? SIGN UP! Improve you Traffic It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content...

Michael Schlotthauer
Michael Schlotthauer
14:23 10 Jul 17
When I began my project I knew I wanted to hire somebody in the United States as I had some issues previously with programmers outside the country. I wound up hiring Jason and his team at tastycoders. I do have some computer programming knowledge so I ask difficult questions. Jason made me feel comfortable with his ability to complete the project. I am grateful to have hired Jason as my project is now complete and I'm quite satisfied not only with his ability to complete my project but his ability to follow up when it issues arise. I'm looking forward to working with Jason and his team when I introduce new features to my website.read more
Bill Hibbler
Bill Hibbler
19:54 13 Apr 17
Jason at Tasty Coders is super-knowledgeable when it comes to marketing anything online. He understands the marketing side, the design side, the video marketing and the under-the-hood coding side of things, too. It's rare to find someone that's good at all four. I strongly recommend him.read more
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds
17:37 14 Apr 17
5 Stars aren't enough. Solid Dev company rock solid back and front end work. If you have something simple or complex that needs to be done give Jason a call pretty kool guys too.read more
Casey Weed
Casey Weed
16:39 14 Apr 17
T. Coders saved us a ton of money on a few web applications and website builds- if you need a custom site built, Tasty Coders can get it done without all the hand-holding and constant communication issues you get with sketchy overseas resources. The company is mature and robust enough to handle larger projects but they also seem able to handle the little things we throw their way- WordPress and Drupal installations, skinning, and configuration, etc. It's also nice to work with a shop that can provide web content solutions so the pressure is off of us to flesh out our new builds and get a ranked site quickly in the Search Engine Results Pages. Good team, quick turnaround, and diligent. Use them.read more
Randall Smith
Randall Smith
20:56 17 Apr 17
These guys rock! Jason Brashear took a job that another guy failed at and owned it! This job was no easy task, and was crucial to the success of my startup. If you are looking for someone to do a job that is integral to your organizations success, this is the man you can bank on coming through for you!read more
Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff
18:32 16 Jul 17
I had a couple of complicated WordPress issues that I just couldn't figure out on my own and Jason of Tasty Coders fixed them real quick for me. A real pleasure to work with!read more
Marc Katz
Marc Katz
21:26 09 Jan 18
We have been working with Jason and his team for some time now on various back and front end projects. Jason and his staff have been 100% reliable and have delivered on time and on budget. He has been easy to work with and understands what we are trying to do with our platforms and how to improve them. Highly recommended.read more
Diane Lesko
Diane Lesko
14:27 05 Apr 18
Tasty{coders} was recommed to our office by by our IT guy Richard from Titanium Computing (who has been a tremendous resource for us). So when Richard highly recommed Jason to our office we knew Tasty{coders} would get great results for our website/online presence. Right away after meeting Jason/Tasty{coders} we knew we were in good hands and that clearly he was not your average SEO guy! He has provided us with such knowlegedble, professional service and quick response time to our needs. I know his game plan for the office will exceed anything we could have could have hoped for. If you want to feel confident about who you choose for your SEO/online presence needs then I recommed calling Tasty{coders}. Jason will make it happen.read more
Joshua Villarreal
Joshua Villarreal
15:07 05 Feb 18
Tasty Coder has done a fantastic job on our Search Engine Marketing. They have delivered on exactly what they said they would do. I would Highly recommend them for your online marketing needs.read more
Jerry Stephens
Jerry Stephens
16:12 27 Aug 18
Jason is unquestionably one of the most talented web designers available. He constantly strives to exceed your expectations with enhancements and ways to draw more people to your website. He deserves 10 stars on a 5 star rating system. Jerry Stephens, CEO SOS Communicationsread more
Dylan Martin
Dylan Martin
17:13 12 Aug 18
Built my new web site and is helping me with my ad campaign. Very Happy!
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